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Our long-standing

IHA Canada has been built on and IHA management is driven by three core principles: Social Responsibility, Environmental Responsibility and Financial Responsibility. While these principles guide our decision making, we realize that they are completely interdependent and require constant balancing.

We build and operate environmentally friendly homes and infrastructure, in retirement communities, creating pocket neighborhoods that are designed with Seniors needs at the forefront. All of our retirement communities will have a Seniors focussed commercial and retail core, with specially designed common spaces and ammenities available throughout the community. In addition, the residential units will all be built to Passive House standards, in conjunction with integrated smart technology to enable the provision of leading edge physical and virtual health, plus home and personal care supports and services. 

Our Team

The Project

Glengarry Hills is a place where people can live safely and comfortably. It is strategically located within walking distance to the downtown of the Town of Alexandria on a beautiful property adjacent to farm fields, Mill pod and Glengarry Memorial Hospital. The village is designed to encourage active living in a relaxing environment where residents are supported through a combination of highly qualified professionals as well as medical support technology when needed. The Glengarry Hills project aims to allow residents to continue living a healthy and active lifestyle while maintaining their connection to their community and having access to medical support when needed. The village layout fosters community engagement by using amenity spaces for residents to socialize and maintain or foster new relationships with their neighbours. 


Social, Financial and Environmental Responsibility

Social Responsibility

IHA believes that our communities are designed, built and operated for our residents. We believe that local residents should have a say in how their community is developed. All of our projects include significant community outreach to engage with people and hear their ideas on how they would like their community to be shaped. It is our philosophy to design communities that people like and feel that they want to be part of.  As such, we see community involvement even during initial design as a critical part of our process. 


Beyond the specific design of units and amenities, our team reaches out to local companies to make sure we hire locally whenever possible and provide business to the communities we invest in. Once the project is constructed, local people will also be employed to operate and maintain the development. 

Environmental responsibility

Environmental sustainability is always put at the heart of the design. It is essential to build sustainable developments and protect our environment as this provides long-term sustainability for the community and planet. This is accomplished by selecting sustainable building materials, increasing building efficiency, eliminating waste and designing the village using the latest environmental sustainability guidelines. Our team strongly believes that there is an opportunity to be world leaders in sustainable design and we hope that our residents can be proud to be part of this effort as well.

Financial Responsibility

The founding principle of IHA Canada is routed in affordability. The IHA team has a fundamental issue with how senior housing is conducted in Canada and we believe there is a better way that does not have to cost a fortune.

Everyone deserves a good quality of life. Above all else, unit prices are always set to accommodate what people can afford within a given community. We also provide many housing alternatives to cater to people’s varying tastes and budgets as well as the variety of physical and mental health needs.